Georgia Peach

Georgia Peach


This handcrafted stained glass Georgia Peach is the perfect gift for someone who has recently moved to Georgia to welcome them to the state, someone who has moved away to remind them of home, or someone who just really likes peaches! It is light enough that it can be hung as an ornament on a Christmas tree, or placed in a window or on a wall for year round enjoyment.

The leaves are a deep semi-transparent hunter green. The peach itself is made from a gorgeous opalescent glass that has streaks of yellow, orange and red. The glass has a wide variation of color and no two pieces are alike. Pictured are examples of the peaches available. The piece you receive may vary in color and pattern.

The peach is approximately 4 inches x 4.5 inches and has a tinned copper wire “stem” to use for hanging.

Each piece is handmade in Atlanta, Georgia with locally sourced materials.

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