Daylight Glassworks was created by Day Kennedy in 2017.

Day is a self-taught stained glass artist born and raised in Atlanta, GA. 
A lifetime of pursuing multiple creative outlets including fiber arts, painting, photography and metalwork led to the discovery of her passion for glass. She began researching and learning about the history of the art form and the tools and techniques involved. She bought a few starter tools and began experimenting, immediately falling in love with the process and design possibilities. She became captivated by all of the colors, textures, reflections and other "magical" qualities that different types of glass have and uses those qualities as inspiration for her designs. Primarily using the “Tiffany” copper foil method of construction, she creates modern home decor in a medium that is often overlooked as being traditional or outdated. 

Each piece is designed and handcrafted by Day in her home studio. She tries to purchase the majority of her glass and supplies from Craigslist ads, estate sales or other avenues of obtaining vintage or secondhand materials. Day currently sells her original designs at artist markets around the metro Atlanta area. She also enjoys collaborating with customers on unique custom designs.

Follow her glass adventure on Instagram @daylightglassworks to stay up to date on new designs, events, behind the scenes peeks, and special offers.