Care Instructions for Stained Glass

Glass is fragile and will break if dropped, bumped, or slammed in to something. Please handle firmly and gently and place in an area that is not likely to be "messed with". Be sure to hang from a secure and sturdy hook or nail. Suction cups are not recommended except for small suncatchers. If I did not provide a free suction cup with your purchase, then it is likely that the item is too heavy for its use. Please contact me if you would like clarification on if a suction cup is reasonable for your specific purchase. 

Each stained glass piece has been cleaned, polished, and waxed. The wax adds shine and prevents dirt and dust build up. It also is a sealant that slows the natural oxidation process of the solder, zinc or lead used to construct the piece. If a piece is dirty or dusty, wipe with a damp lukewarm cloth and dry immediately. If more cleaning is necessary, dish soap (such as Dawn) may be used to gently wash the piece. Do not scrub or use an abrasive sponge. Dry with a soft cloth, such as microfiber.
Although wax has been applied, oxidation will likely occur over time to solder, lead and zinc. Some people like the "aged" look. If you prefer to keep your piece shiny and new looking, you may gently rub with fine steel wool to remove the oxidation. Apply wax (you can use car wax) to the piece to restore shine and protect from further oxidation. *Do not use steel wool on pieces that have a black or copper patina finish as it will scratch and remove the patina. Clean and wax patina only.*

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!